In my previous articles, I talk about content: how to create it, how to distribute it, and how to monitor the results.

Content is a great way to reach a new audience.

But what happens after they read one of your articles, love it, and want to continue reading future ones?

They don’t have time to constantly check if you published a new blog post. Even if they follow you on social media, it is possible they will not see each and every single piece of content you are creating and sharing. Remember, everyone is busy nowadays, and we are all bombarded by thousands and thousands of pieces of content each hour of the day.

How can you solve this problem and make them happy? How can you keep the “dialogue” going?

The easiest way is through a newsletter. You give them the choice to actively follow you, and, once they subscribe, they give you permission to email them.

The newsletter is a wonderful marketing tool. If content is a fantastic way to attract a new audience, the newsletter is a perfect outlet to continue the communication with your audience and to generate sales.

With a newsletter, you can:

  • Attract traffic to your website
  • Drive sales
  • Create a relationship with your clients and audience
  • Craft an email that is concise and to the point, as information found on the internet can be overwhelming
  • Build a database of email addresses
Hannes Wolf

We love to hear from the people or companies we like. It makes us feel good and wanted. He or she emails me, which means he or she is thinking about me!

Just look in your inbox. I am sure you have a lot of newsletters, read or unread. Maybe there are actually too many. I know I experience this. However, for one reason or another, I don’t delete them. I don’t read all of them, not on a regularly basis anyways, but I ultimately look at all of them. One may wonder why I do that. Well, all the newsletters I subscribe to are companies I like. I am a client of most of them. I like their products, the content they share, and I know they will keep on sending me great offers I don’t want to miss. The newsletters can be from a shoe store or a technology company… it doesn’t really matter. I want to be sure I will not miss the offer, and I want to see what else they come up with.

This is exactly why you want to have a newsletter: to keep the dialogue going with your audience and to show you are still there thinking about them, that you are waiting for them.

Let’s not forget about the special offers you can share with them to increase your sales.

Don’t know how to create a newsletter? Stay tuned for my next article, where you will learn how to do it.