One of our values is believing in abundance. What does that mean? It means we believe in sharing our way of working, knowledge, and resources.

Marketing Resources

We created some worksheets to help you follow our methodology on your own.

Step 1: It is all about you!

To help you discover what makes you unique, we created the Company Identity Worksheet.

Download the worksheet here.

Step 2: How well do you know your customer?

When it comes to marketing, we embrace a human-centric approach. That means we go further than just outlining generic information, such as demographics, as we discover and explore your client profile. We want to know how they make their decisions, what motivates them, and what they feel passionate about. We created a Human-Centric Avatar Form to help you identify your client's profiles.

Download the form here.

Step 3: Goal setting

When it comes to marketing, companies often forget to set goals and instead try every shiny new idea that comes their way. We learned that if you want to stay focused and grow, you need to establish goals. Our Goal Setting Worksheet will help you stay focused and grow while being honest about the assets you have at your disposal.

Download the worksheet here.

Step 4: Connect the dots

This is our favourite part, where our creativity can flow and the fun begins. In order to be productive, you need to have everything organised. Our SPIN Marketing Calendar was created to help you achieve that balance.

Download the calendar here.

Other Resources

We have been organising the Online Networking with a SPIN event for almost two years now. We decided to collect all our expert knowledge in a one-of-a-kind e-book.

Get your 2021 ONS E-BOOK.