The right connection from a trusted person can change your life. In business, as in life, successful partnerships are built on trust. When trust exists between business partners, you can build more collaborative relationships and remain aligned on big-picture goals and values so that all parties can achieve their desired outcomes.

At Spin Ideas, we want to help you connect with your audience and other business owners by building bridges of communication and collaboration. That is why we invited our partner Scott Cundill to tell us all about our simple chrome extension that will make it even easier to connect and create business referrals and introductions that can help you and your business grow. 

SPIN Community

The SPIN community was born during the pandemic out of frustration by Veronica Guguian, someone who had always been a social bee, connecting people naturally. Online Networking with a Spin (ONS) is a way to connect entrepreneurs, purpose-led leaders, and international businesses. More than just networking, we build up relationships every month, creating a true co-created community. Finally, as entrepreneurs, SPIN Ideas invites one speaker a month to share business tips to support company growth and nurture our best practices.

Authentic Connections

We believe that the connections made during our networking events and carried on later in our community are a treasure. Veronica felt something clicked when she met Scott at another networking event. Both of them were aligned in building human, authentic relationships. This is even more important, as ONS is an online event. Still, the connections are real. We want to keep strengthening these relationships and supporting each other to grow our businesses.

From the beginning, plenty of partnerships and business collaborations were made. For example, Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, and Peter Fellows created the Road Ahead Cafe podcast after meeting at our event. Anna Zoladkiewicz, Julie Taylor, and Ilze Spigule-Buijtenweg became friends thanks to the ONS. We are proud of all these success stories because they demonstrate SPIN Ideas values and purpose when it comes to business. If you have attended the ONS for a while, you may also have a story to share; feel free to tell us more by emailing Veronica at [email protected].


The trust we try to build for the whole community is key for Veronica. And of course, we all connect on Linkedin after the events. It is great to be able to add new connections. Unfortunately, trust feels a bit diluted afterward. Especially since the pandemic, salespeople have started to sell hard through Linkedin, and you may receive new connection proposals from random contacts regularly. The result is the explosion of connections on Linkedin when you do not usually know the person behind the profile. At that point, you may also be tired of receiving automated and not well-targeted messages. This is the moment Scott and Veronica met. We created a partnership and the SPIN Chrome extension to identify trusted connections within our network.

If you have not done it yet, be sure to download and install the Chrome extension before the event so we can show you how to put it to good work! If you have any doubts or questions, this video will explain how to install it.

Target the Right Audience

Thanks to the SPIN Network extension, we can take back ownership of authentic and human connections on Linkedin. We expand the reach of the ONS safe place we create on Zoom every month. Now, you can keep on building trusted relationships. It provides plenty of fun and helpful features to help connect with the right audience. 

All of our advice only works as long as you know who you want to connect with. During this last ONS, Scott challenged us to be clear about our target audience. This is a difficult task if we can be honest. Feeling lost? Please get in touch with us for a free consultation or upload the avatar cheat sheet to get clarity. This will help you to get introduced to the right people and take advantage of the SPIN community.

Partnerships, Sales, and Business Development

Personalized introductions from trusted connections are powerful because they allow you to grow your network, connect with the right audience, and avoid the long and painful cold-calling usually done in sales. With warm leads, you can reach out to a safe inner circle that will boost your credibility and your business through partnerships or sales.

SPIN Ideas is happy to share this new tool with you as a safe way to expand your network and your business where technologies service people. 

Do you want to be part of a trusted network of entrepreneurs and leaders who will support each other? YES!

Do you know more people who can benefit from this community? Invite them to the next ONS!

Are you looking to create your community, find the right audience, or refine your marketing strategy? We can help you; let’s talk about it!