The SPIN Methodology was created by our founder, Veronica Guguian, to make marketing accessible and easy to understand, no matter your level of experience.

Veronica is a firm believer that you have to create value to get value, which is at the core of the SPIN methodology. For over 15 years, she has been working in marketing, creating campaigns and strategies, launching products and services, and engaging audiences of small and large companies. Each project and each client has its own characteristics, challenges and goals. However, if you look closer, you see a thread that connects them all: the difference between the ones that succeed and those that fail is a good marketing strategy.

So, when Veronica launched SPIN Ideas, she made it her mission to educate people on the importance of having a marketing strategy, instead of just going through the motions and doing various marketing activities. She dedicated all her free time to writing articles on the topic and speaking at events. She became a marketing strategy evangelist.

By closely observing the companies around her, working with clients, talking with startup and scale-up founders, discussing ideas with other marketers and entrepreneurs, and listening to industry experts, she started noticing patterns where companies were encountering stumbling blocks.

She put together the SPIN Methodology to combat the challenges encountered. The methodology consists of four simple steps:

Step 1: It is all about you!

Just like in personal development or therapy, you must first identify who you are, your values, and what you want to accomplish. Once that is expressed, you'll want to be sure you accept this view and furthermore be able to communicate this all in writing. All of this is at the core of who you are as a company. If you cannot pinpoint the above vision, you will not be able to share your business with the outside world. It is all about your company’s DNA.

Download our Company Identity Worksheet here.

Step 2: How well do you know your customer?

Once you are very clear on who you are, it’s time to take a closer look at your clients and start creating avatars. The word avatar means an incarnation, embodiment or manifestation of a person or idea. This is exactly what we want to create for our clients. We want to embody their characteristics, understand the way they think, and understand their needs, likes and dislikes in order to communicate with them so they will listen.

Download our Avatar Form here.

Step 3: Goal setting

Most people tend to forget about setting goals. Even if you do set annual goals, oftentimes we forget to go back and revisit them throughout the year to make sure we are still working toward them and are on the right path.

Download our Goal Setting Worksheet here.

Step 4: Connect the dots

During this stage, we start to connect the dots by reflecting on steps one, two and three to actually execute and implement your marketing strategy.

Download our Marketing Calendar here.

If you need help SPINning and implementing any of these steps, let's have a chat and see how we can help you.

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