Are you curious to see what clients say about us? Read on to hear more.

Monique Burgemeester from How to Buy a House:

Veronica and I are working together for quite a while now and I must say that I was kinda sceptical about hiring a marketing specialist. How wrong was I! Since we started off the organic traffic on my website has doubled and I know now with whom I need to team up and not regarding advertising my events. Veronica is a star and also a very kind and caring person. She is easy to talk to and also very fast in her reply which I like so much. I can go on and on, but for my company Spin Ideas did make a difference and that is really cool! Thanks Vi!

John and Dee Lee from CultureMee:

We learned so much from the experience of working with Veronica Guguian and it gave us a lot more clarity in what we were doing.

Blanca Vergara from Master your Money Mindset:

I had the pleasure of working with Veronica in one of my product launches. She is very generous with her ideas and her network. She's a never ending source of marketing genius and contagious enthusiasm. I particularly love her honest and grounded approach. If you are a business owner who needs serious Marketing advise, she's the one to call.

Jolanda Tetteroo from

I needed a creative, structured and out of the box thinking person for my marketing. And I got it all with Veronica. Step by step going to the process of my branding, making myself more visible to the world; hard work and having fun. Inviting me for a 10 day online video challenge so I had to step out of my comfort zone. With the result of not only more visibility but to discover I like doing videos! Veronica supports me and brings out the best in me. Thank you for being such a great person to work with.

Lara Manqui from Flourish Empowerment Coaching & Consulting:

Oh, man! I went for a Deep Dive (Marketing Strategy Session) with Veronica and boy, was it a ride! Veronica has the magic of a person that has so honed into their craft that it seems they do their work effortlessly. With her many years of experience and knowledge, she is able to size up your business and tell you just the precise steps you need to take to get over your marketing hurdles and SHINE. And this is no one size fits all approach either, no way! This deep dive session is tailored to you; your wishes, your fears, and the biggest dreams you have for your professional endeavours.

Béla Balló, from BFF Visuals:

Working with Veronica is always a pleasure.

David Chislett, Author and Writer:

Veronica's greatest strengths are her clear sense of purpose or mission, and her clarity of thinking. We have worked together for several months developing a new product and her depth of knowledge and ability to adapt is impressive. Veronica brings an up-close and personal style to strategy that delivers highly targeted results. She is also reliable and delivers what she promises. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Richard Post, NLP trainer, Coach and owner Novalife:

It was a pleasure to work with Veronica. She is very personable and really makes you feel heard and seen. She definitely has a passion for what she does and very much enjoys using her years of experience and knowledge to help and support you. Veronica knows her stuff and is a real marketing expert! Working with Veronica has personally helped me a lot. I feel she has helped me change my mindset about my business and really enabled me to see marketing in a different light. Veronica is very hands on and solutions oriented and also very flexible in her approach. I highly recommend Veronica if you are looking for help with your marketing endeavours.