Can you visualise your way to success? People around the world have been using different kinds of visualisation techniques in order to achieve their goals for centuries. However, visualisation often gets a bad reputation as being something mystical or woo-woo that isn’t grounded in reality and has no place in the business world. But the truth is anyone can benefit from visualisation, and you don’t need to be spiritual to benefit from it.

It’s hard to make progress toward your goals if you don’t take some time to think about them. For this article, we invited our Spinner Frank van den Horst to share with us how, by using mental energy, affirmations and meditation formats, you can effectively transform and improve your life and your business!

Why do I talk about Creative Visualization?

We are all navigating the puzzle of life the best we can. Each of us has desires and wishes to live a life we genuinely want and enjoy. Creative visualization can help you create that.

What is Creative Visualization?

Creative Visualization is a three-step method that ensures that the things you want to manifest in your life do actually manifest. The method is simple but it’s more than just a tool. It’s a way of life.

We live in a world of opposites: black and white, up and down, left and right, male and female, yet there are many shades of grey in between.

These contrasts help you to understand what you don’t want, so you start to know what you do want. For instance, if you don’t like sweets, you might enjoy savory foods more. You can make a choice and you have the freedom to do that. All humans are born with that capability. This is important to remember, as we often forget it.
Creative visualization is about making conscious choices that generate a benefit for you so you can create the life you want.

In the more than 25 years that I have been working as a change facilitator to help people unlock their vast untapped potential, use their talents effectively and to be more relaxed and balanced, I have noticed something.In 9 out of 10 cases, people are concerned with:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money

Does this sound familiar? Most of the time issues related to these three aspects have to do with experiences from the past. Some are nice and happy experiences but, there are also unhappy ones. Consider how often you think about something that happened in the past and have the following thoughts:

‘I wish I had done that differently.’

‘I should have done X instead of Y’

‘If I knew this piece of knowledge at that time, things would be different”

Unfortunately, guilt, sorrow and regret are feelings many people have. What you probably do, without realizing it, is jump from the past to the future, missing an important moment: the present. The Now.

The Now is all there is.

All the experiences from the past you are reliving or reviving become the Now.
Do you remember this or that?” retrieves a specific memory from your internal data disks and brings that memory or experience into the Now; your present awareness. You can replay this situation repeatedly, including all the emotions connected to it. Does it make you happy? Probably not.

If you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. But how often do you focus on what you really want? How often do you keep beating the drum of what you don’t want or don’t have?  What is missing in your life?

How does it serve you to have negative thoughts about your health or relationships, or money, and most importantly, what is the result of negative thinking? The answer is complaining. Before you know it, you are stuck in the mental and emotional mud.

Often my clients ask, Why do others - the neighbors, colleagues, friends,  celebrities - have the stuff that I want and why do I not? I want my stuff, too. Where is it? I don’t get it.”

Most of those thoughts and feelings are based on beliefs. Those beliefs are, mostly subconsciously, reinforced every day by what you think, say, hear, see, and do. Watching TV, Netflix, newspapers, and social media greatly elicit our belief system both in a positive way as well as in a negative way. One day you will realize that a belief is a thought you keep thinking over and over again.

You believe and know you can walk. The past has proven this true. But can you fly? No. Why not? The past has proven this is the case, as well. You can’t do it on your own. We are not birds, you may argue. But maybe tomorrow? It’s a belief. You don’t believe it until one person shows you that he or she can do it without any tools.

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your perception of your life, and choose what makes you feel joyful!  The future is the field of infinite possibilities!

Creative visualization is based on the way you think, including what you think and the emotions that are connected to those thoughts. Look around you and look at yourself.  Everything was first a thought. Your parents wanted to start a family and today you are here.

Creative visualization is the fine art of Reality Engineering in the Now. It’s based on a very clear way of thinking and that the future is the field of infinite possibilities.

The Three Steps to Creative Visualisation

Let’s have a closer look at the three steps of Creative Visualization or Reality Engineering and how they can be easily implemented.

Step 1: I wish

Here is an example. Suppose you want a new car. Just saying that you want a new car is too vague.  Be more specific, define it. What type of car and for what purpose do you want to use it? A van or a roadster, for instance? Think about the brand, the model, the size, the color, the power of the engine, the interior, the wheels, and so on.

Now it’s your turn. Before starting this exercise, have paper and pencil ready. Take a deep breath and relax. Turn off your phone, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes for a moment. Take three deep breaths. Write down one simple wish, a desire.

Step 2: I imagine

Imagine it.
You are at the local dealer, in the showroom and you step into your desired car, and you feel, smell, hear, and touch your new car. Then you take a test drive and you feel, smell, hear, and touch your car. The sound of the engine, the way it drives, the looks of the interior, the smell of the soft leader for instance all surround you.

Now it’s your turn. Before starting, have paper and pencil ready. Relax.  Turn off your phone and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes for a moment. Take three deep breaths. Now close your eyes and imagine how what you wish for looks, feels, smells, and sounds. If you don’t really see it but just sort of think about it or imagine that you are looking at it, that is fine too.  Write it down.

Step 3: I receive

Now comes the most important part:

  1. You know it’s there for you
  2. You trust the process
  3. Receive

Trust the process. What do I mean by that? I mean that I leave the creation and the realization to the Universe, to the field of infinite possibilities.
It is the task of your Source Energy or Soul or God to work it out. It’s in human terminology and a very complex, logistical process beyond any imagination.
You have placed the order. One day your desire, your wish, will be manifesting in your life. The universe has its own timing for that.

Let the magic happen.

Bonus Tip

At the beginning of each week, right when you wake up, write down one simple thing you would like to manifest this week in your life. Use the three-step method.

I wish…..

I imagine….

I receive…..
An example: waking up without setting the alarm.
Make it happen!

The goal of this article is to explain what creative visualisation is all about and to give you a head start. If you are interested in exploring more on the topic and going deeper into the visualisation, I invite you to go grab a virtual coffee with me and I will guide you through the process.  Email me at: [email protected] with your preferred dates and times.

This article is a collaboration between Veronica Guguian from Spin Ideas and Frank van den Horst, from Frankwise to provide our readers with the right tools to grow their businesses.

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