SPIN Ideas is a marketing strategy agency. What exactly do we do?

We help zebra companies, scale-ups and purpose-driven organisations create a marketing strategy they want to implement.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at with your marketing:

  • just started,
  • tested different tactics and played around, or
  • know everything but don’t have the time.

We can help you reach your goals and enable you to follow your passion and be more efficient.

Starting with your story, continuing with your audience, helping you define your marketing goals, and finishing by connecting the dots of all your marketing activities, we create YOUR perfect marketing strategy. We even go a step further and create a detailed marketing plan, outlining everything you need to do each quarter, month, week, and day.

SPIN Ideas is also a media agency. We increase visibility for our Spinners, share their knowledge, and even go the extra mile by introducing them to possible clients. If you want to learn more, check out our Become a Spinner section.

Meet the SPIN Ideas Team

We are about as diverse as you can be when it comes to a small team. Each of us have a different nationality, live in a different city and have different expertise. What we have in common is our love of food and shared values, and these are two important ingredients.

It all started when Veronica decided it was time to work for herself again. By combining her knowledge of the international and expat market with her marketing expertise, she opened the virtual doors of SPIN Ideas in 2017.

In the following years, new team members joined, complementing her knowledge and expertise.

Veronica Guguian

Active at SPIN Ideas since Day 1

Her mission: I  believe everyone can flourish if you nurture them. And this is why I started SPIN Ideas, to discover the story behind the company and help entrepreneurs flourish by using marketing to create a successful business.

Go-to recipe when in a hurry: pesto pasta.  

Founder & Mastermind behind SPIN Ideas


Active at SPIN Ideas since July 2020

Her mission: As a Virtual Productivity Assistant, my mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses get organised and GROW.

Go-to recipe when in a hurry: Mexican guacamole.  

Productivity Assistant & Content Creator


Active at SPIN Ideas since July 2020

Her mission: I aim to build a Public Relations strategy that will position SPIN Ideas as the most efficient marketing strategy agency for startups and SMEs.

Go-to recipe when in a hurry: Okro soup.  

SEO and PR Specialist


Active at SPIN Ideas since September 2021

Her mission: My mission is to develop the outreach of SPIN Ideas in the Netherlands and beyond and support its growth, finding the perfect match with startups and scale-ups who want to go further with their marketing strategy in an authentic and meaningful way.

Go-to recipe when in a hurry: lunch porridge.  

International Sales Development